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    Video Capture Device not Working in Windows 7

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. I installed new Video Capturing Device in my System. But, it is not working up to the Mark. But, device got installed in my System. Please, help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Video Capture Device not Working in Windows 7

    Follow these Simple Steps.

    STEP 1: Unplug the Video Capturing Device from the System.
    STEP 2: Turn Off antivirus or firewalls.
    STEP 3: Check for Updates of your Video Capturing Device.
    STEP 4: When repair is offered, select it.
    STEP 5: Wait till repair completes.
    STEP 6: Now turn ON antivirus or firewall.
    STEP 7: Restart your System and your Problem is Solved.
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