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    VLC player constantly buffering in Windows 7

    I have a Windows 7 PC with 512 MB RAM and 2 GHz dual core processor. I recently installed VLC Player v2.0. I have an external hard drive which I connect to the PC via USB to watch videos. I used to play HD videos from the external drive with VLC player. But recently, playing such videos seems to be causing some issue in the player. The video keeps stopping to buffer, with the playback turning orange. It happens all the time. Is there a fix to this problem?

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    Re: VLC player constantly buffering in Windows 7

    hi dear friend............my be the VLC player in you PC gets crashed

    When the VLC crashed ....then there is a problems arises like the above

    So, ......to solve this type of errors....simply re-install the VLC again

    BUT before the installation follow the below guide lines::::

    first uninstall the vlc player from the control panel

    after that press windows key+r and type regedit in the run box and press ENTER key

    then go to this address HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE > software

    under the software .....find the videoLAN folder .....and delete the folder

    after that restart the PC ....and re-install the VLC player


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    Re: VLC player constantly buffering in Windows 7

    There is a severe resource crunch in your computer,

    Though you have installed Windows7 in your computer, the computer is not befitting to run smoothly as these latest programs require enough of resources like , processor power, RAM , cache RAM, graphics capability etc.

    512 MB of RAM is a paltry sum of RAM tyat is required to run even the Windows 7 , let alone external programs.

    The buffering is mainly caused by a poor bandwidth, low amount of RAM and older technology processors with ageing technology.

    Unless you upgrade Processor, increse RAM, change the mainboard if necessary and of course take a broadband
    internet connection and feel the change of behavior of your system.

    Else you can try to install Windows XP which needs less resources and can run fairly well with what you have,

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