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    VLC Player keeps on playing when it is minimized

    I have VLC Player in Windows XP. When a video is being played in it and when I minimize the player, it keeps on playing the video without pausing it. I want it to pause the video, when I minimize the player. Please, anyone help me in this problem.

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    Re: VLC Player keeps on playing when it is minimized

    Follow these steps to solve the problem:

    STEP 1: Click Start >> All Programs.
    STEP 2: Click “VLC Player”.
    STEP 3: Click on the “Tools” button.
    STEP 5: Select “Preferences”.
    STEP 6: “Preferences” window opens.
    STEP 7: Click on the “Interface” on the left hand side.
    STEP 8: Under the “Interface Settings” section, check the box “pause playback when minimized”.
    STEP 9: Click on the “save” button, your problem is solved.
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