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    VLC Player showing decoded errors on Windows 8

    Recently I installed Windows 8 which seems to much well than windows 7. I am a big fan of VLC Player so I installed on windows8. The windows Media player in Windows 8 seems great and wonderful to use. But I want to use VLC player and I use to get latest update of this player too. The error shown is decoded errors along with that it shows clear and close. I will click clear to see the video. If I choose close option then the video is not running. My question is why this error occurs and how to overcome it !!!

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    Re: VLC Player showing decoded errors on Windows 8

    This is the error that occurs on VLC when tried to see 3Gp videos. Click clear to clear the errors and you will see the same error again and again whenever you see the video. You need to close clear option to clear the errors so that you will be allowed to see the video. This happens because of improper update of the software. You can also solve this errors permanently. At the time you get this error window, You will get a option Hide Future errors. Mark this option and click clear radio button. This will Hide future.
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    Re: VLC Player showing decoded errors on Windows 8


    dear friend,

    Actually VLC player is a kind of media player which supports almost all kind of music and video files.

    When you try to play some unsupported contents in VLC player then it shows the decoder error.

    You can Close or Clear+Close the dialog box to see the video.

    But at the time of playing this kind of video, you can't able to hear the sound.

    Some 3GP, MP4 files make this issue on VLC.

    So it is recommended that you must update your VLC player to the latest to paly these kind of files.

    Or you can use different 3GP-MP4 player to play these kind of files.

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