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    VSSVC.exe is missing from windows 7 so will it create any problem?

    Me and My friend has a laptop having windows 7 installed. When I compared the files in both of the systems, I found that VSSVC.exe is missing from my windows 7 computer. Now I am a bit worried about it. Will it create any problem in future? What is its significance?

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    Re: VSSVC.exe is missing from windows 7 so will it create any problem?

    Solve this Problem follow this steps:-

    Firstly, Download the Microsoft Windows Operating System DLL file click the download link
    Download Microsoft Windows Operating System VSSVC.exe and Download vssui.dll save the file to one of the folders.

    To take Backup the old version of the DLL file

    Click Start > Run and type in the following command:

    Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7:
    regsvr32 \windows\system32\VSSVC.exe

    To replace the VSSVC.exe file:

    • Close all open programs.

    • Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files or Folders.

    • In the Named box, type VSSVC.exe.

    • In the Look in box, click My Computer, and then click Find Now.

    • In the search results list, right-click VSSVC.exe, and then click Rename.

    • Type VSSVC.exe.old, and then press ENTER. If there are multiple copies of the VSSVC.exe file in the list, rename each copy.

    then Restart the computer, after it is not show the missing file error....

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