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    Wamp server not consistent in Windows 8

    Just updated my system to Windows 8 thinking all will go on good but now the Wamp server which I have in it just goes up and down at times and itís not consistent at all. Is there any settings which need to be changed or so? It was working fine when I had it with XP and Vista days before.

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    Re: Wamp server not consistent in Windows 8

    The problem is occurring because in windows 8, port 80 which is actually used by wamp server is already occupied by IIS server.

    You need to disable it from running as services in your system.

    To do that, go to

    control panel >> administrative tools >> services >> World Wide Web Publishing Service

    click on it and then make start up type as disable.

    Now, restart you system.

    wamp will work smoothly now.

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