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    Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?

    Recently i bought Nokia Lumia 900 with windows operating system. Iím a Cricket Fan. I wanted to watch all the cricket matches live on my Nokia Lumia 900 Phone. Iím ready to pay for it. Is there any app for watching live telecast of the cricket matches?

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    Re: Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?

    To Watching the Cricket Matches in Nokia Lumia 900, first you download the "Live Cricket"

    Software in you phone and install it.

    This software is free available from this site. click to this link to download the software


    download it watch the cricket online...


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    Re: Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?


    The link is http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/categories/sports ... You can visit this link on market place which is also known as windows market place for downloading apps and games for your windows phone ...
    On this link you will find sports apps available from which you can select and choose the one which you like ...
    Also you can browse through different catagories also....

    You can also visit and download or install the apps directly from your phone ..

    For this just follow the steps given below :
    - Firstly make sure that you have signed up into windows live mail as you need the ID to login
    - Begin with tapping on start and then to marketplace
    - Here you have to sign in using your windows live ID
    - After signing in tap on to games and apps
    - There you will see different catagories from which you can browse and search out the apps and games you like
    - If you like an app and want it in your phone then just tap it and tap on install ..
    - Do remember that some apps also have charge on them so do check for it before installing and then you might be prompted to download it .. tap yes on when asked..
    - There are also options to buy or try a game ... Tap on relevent option ...

    After all these steps your app will get downloaded and installed in a minute or so depending upon its size and the speed of your network connection ..


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    Smile Re: Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?



    Well you can only watch live TV after subscribing a suitable and fastest 3G internet plan.
    For this, all you have to do that:-

    1. You should Contact with your service provider.
    2. Then ask from them about the
    Internet Setting.
    3. When you got the Internet Settings, Save them as
    4. The next step is to go to your Mobile Browser and
    type Live Streaming for Ind vs Pak cricket match.
    5. There you get so many link,
    Select any one from them which provides you live streaming.
    If not, them you must contact with your
    service provider again or contact with your to NOKIA CARE.

    Well, thanks for reading this.

    Regards Libin

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    Re: Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?

    Mundu-TV-Mobile-Apps-Surpassed-500000-Users-In-90-Days.jpg roktv.jpg

    spvtv.jpg yamgo.jpg

    dear friend,

    You must have working internet connection in your Nokia Lumia 900 to watch live TV on your phone.

    There are several live TV applications available - you can see Cricket matches using those apps.

    Some of the apps are free - you can buy some apps by spending money.

    Name of some apps are-

    Mundu TV.
    Yamgo TV.
    Rok TV.
    SPB TV.
    Axel Technologies Fuugo.

    You can download any of these live TV application.

    Run & install the application.

    Now select the sport channel where the cricket match is being telecasted & enjoy that match.

    You don't have to pay any additional charge for this.

    Only the standard data charges are applicable.

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    Re: Watching Cricket Matches live in Nokia Lumia 900?


    You can sea the Cricket Live in the Internet so...

    You must Follows some Guide Points are:

    --> First of all you can take the Service pack of the system and Trouble to them..

    --> Get the TV channel in the payble amount the TV application buy it.

    --> Next you support channel where the cricket match isw being telecasting and enjoy the cricket match.

    --> In this is Process to Update the amount the to increases mode.

    All to channel are some not Payble to freely connected..

    sites are:

    - cricktime
    - crickinfo
    - espcrickinfo

    and etc..

    those are some connected in the NOKIA to additional settings to changes...

    For more options to decreases too connect them...

    some mobile images are:




    - NOKIA Phone in the Windows 8

    As the operating system to connected them self to perform is veryfastly and easy to way of process.

    Thank You..

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