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    Weird issue with folder setting in windows 7

    Hello sir. I am totally new here and just found the method to post my question. I am a windows 7 user and was able to customize folder in terms of look and behaviour but now the same settings doesn't work. The look and behaviour of folders changes automatically without doing anything. Do you know,how to fix it?

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    Re: Weird issue with folder setting in windows 7

    Thanks for posting your query in this forum. Don't worry,you would be able to fix your issue with ease. You will have to do some changes in the Registry Subkeys with name "BagMRU" and "Bags". You can find these two files in locations "Shell" and "ShellNoRoam" respectively at HKEY_ CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows. Since you are making some changes in registry,you must take a backup before performing these steps. If you are still finding it difficult to perform these steps,you can simply fix the same issue through Microsoft Fix it Center tool. Just open the Microsoft Fix It Center tool and run "Diagnose and repair Windows Files and Folder Problems" wizard.It will do the same task for you.
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    Re: Weird issue with folder setting in windows 7

    I don't know how you use to customize but give a try to following steps in case you did not try it before:

    > Click Start -> Control Panel -> select and open 'Folder Options'.

    > In the Folder Options window, 'General' tab opens by default. There do the changes as required and click 'OK' to save it.

    > Next open 'View' tab and follow the instructions as well make changes using 'Advanced settings'. Now click 'OK' to save the changes.

    Also run full scan of your system using antivirus software to detect and avoid any unexpected virus which may be the root of the trouble.

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