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    What are the Advantages of Using Windows Phone over Android Mobile Phones?

    Iím new to Windows Mobile Operating Systems. I would like to know why Android became such popular.. But, windows still in a developing state. Can any give me the important reason and the advantages of Windows Phone over Android Phones??

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    Mayank Array
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    Re: What are the Advantages of Using Windows Phone over Android Mobile Phones?


    When using a smartphone, you want everything to be quick and smooth. So many alternative phones allow you to take a picture of something, but then you have to go through numerous sections and sub sections of the menu pages before you can upload it to Facebook or Tweet it.
    With the Windows Phone 7 OS, you can upload directly to social networks without having to leave the image youíve just snapped and your magical moment can be photographed and shared with the world in seconds, rather than agonizing minutes.
    Social Networking

    Iíve already touched upon the ability to take photographs and share them quickly on the social networks, but just the ease of use of Facebook, Twitter and alike makes the Windows Phone 7 the best option.
    You can add images and details of your Facebook friends into your contact list, and increasing numbers of phones allow users to add Twitter and LinkedIn details too. Obviously, you can disable this feature if you wish, but no social addict would!
    Work on the Move

    A lot of smartphones are sold to people on the move. Having the ability to keep working while out of the office either on the train to a business meeting or while abroad to stay in touch with emails is a Godsend, and the Windows Phone 7 OS features Microsoft Office, which means that not only can you stay on top of work related emails, but you can actually keep working using Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which can then be shared using the likes of SkyDrive.
    Apps can be downloaded for the other OS systems, but why download the Apps and pay for them when theyíre included with the Microsoft Windows Phones? Doesnít make sense if you ask me, especially if thatís what you want your phone for. You should think about it.

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    Re: What are the Advantages of Using Windows Phone over Android Mobile Phones?


    These Operating Platforms are almost of the same utility.

    Some positive here some negative there and thats all.

    Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean have some of the smartest features that we relish only after using.

    WIndows 8 however has a simple advantage over Android that is we all know windows screen , features and use as we sometime or other use computers with Windows installed, and sync between them if easiest.

    Both are equally good, but Windows being Windows will be a step ahead,


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    Re: What are the Advantages of Using Windows Phone over Android Mobile Phones?

    Hi friend,

    windows phone can store many apps.nearly 150 apps.

    Windows phone moves up a gear

    wide variety of apps are applicable

    firmware over the air updatess

    screen capture pressing home and power buttons at the same time.


    hope the information is helpful for you

    all the best

    regards srilekha

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