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    What to do if getting an Error code '80041006' on Windows 7?

    Having issue while playing game on windows 7, Internet Backgammon. I am not able to understand that why i am getting the error code if playing game. Is this software issue or, anything else. Help me on this matter as soon as possible!!

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    Re: What to do if getting an Error code '80041006' on Windows 7?

    You may resolve the issue by try disabling and enabling the games back. Follow the procedure:

    > Go to start button and navigate to Control Panel
    > Click on Programs and click Turn Windows features on or off
    > Navigate to list and search Games, expand it
    > Now, Turn off Games by unchecking
    > Hit on ok and restart the system. After restarting,
    > Turn the feature On again by same method
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    Re: What to do if getting an Error code '80041006' on Windows 7?

    when there is system file corrupted ,there is such message will displayed.
    now you see the error 80041600 is due to corrupted file in your computer.
    It is due to mostly virus or spyware so that it will corrupt the file and display such message.
    due to incomplete installation, also such message may be displayed.
    you can solve such error by make some setting in your operating system and restore your system file.

    Solve the Error code 80041006 in windows 7

    --> Go to "start" and then "All programs"
    --> now select "Accessories" and then "system tools"
    --> now select "Restore".new window will open.
    --> click on "Restore my machine to previous date" and then click "next"
    --> now you will see "click a restore date" page.select "up to date system restore point" and press next.
    --> click next and make confirmation.
    --> Restart your computer

    You can also solve the same error by using software "Error 80041600 Repair software application"

    --> Install the program and launch it.
    --> now click on "scan".now it will scan and detect corrupte file
    --> now click on "Repair".
    --> now Restart your computer.

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