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    What exactly the "FSX Menu Bar" mean in windows 7?

    I am an old windows 7 lover and have used almost every features of it but haven't heard about this "FSX Menu Bar". Yesterday my friends were talking about loading this FSX menu bar. Do you have any Idea about it? How can I find this Menu Bar and what is its advantages? Is this the result of any third party software?

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    Re: What exactly the "FSX Menu Bar" mean in windows 7?

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X, also known as FSX, is the 10th version of Microsoft Flight Simulator after Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It includes a graphics engine upgrade , having been marketed by Microsoft as the most important technological milestone in the series to date.
    Flight Simulator X was released in three editions:
    Deluxe, and
    later Gold.
    The Deluxe Edition incorporates additional features, including an on-disc software development kit (SDK), three airplanes with the Garmin G1000 Flightdeck, and the ability for the player to act as Air Traffic Control (ATC) for other online users with a radar screen.

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