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    What should I do if I get error message for Rundll32 in my Windows OS?

    Everything works fine in my PC but recently I am facing this problem where I get the error message as “Windows Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working, A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify if a solution is available” What is happening? Why I am getting this error? Is there any way to fix this problem and make it work properly?

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    Re: What should I do if I get error message for Rundll32 in my Windows OS?


    The files with .DLL are the brains of the Operating System so far Windows is concerned.

    It contains huge stock of all kinds of data, code etc. which are non self executables, but are used and run by other programs within Windows whenever their stock of datas are required.They the .DLL files are often called Magic Files for their wonderfull character.Rundll32 is a host that is a program that use .DLL file for the benefit of you. It is corrupt, or virus infested, or residing in a space where there might be bad cluster and the machine cant read it.

    Here's a solution that might help you.
    Goto System > Advanced System Settings > Performance > Settings > Data Execution Prevention > Turn on DEP for all Programs and Services except a few as mentioned.
    Now click "add" and navigate to "System32" folder. Ned to select dllhost, open it and select "ok" to the warning. COM Surrogate will appear with a check box selected.Do the same to add rundll32 (a Windows host process) from System32 folder. Windows host process (Rundll32) will appear with a check box selected after selecting "ok" to the warning. Click "ok" to close the Advanced Settings. Navigate to the folders with the video file thumbnails where crashing was occuring and it should work fine now.
    Clean the system by an antivirus and it should work fine.

    Thank you.

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