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    What should I do if Windows phone 7.5 won't connect to Windows 8?

    If i am trying to connect my windows phone to newly windows 8 via USB cable then system nothing responds to me. After connecting cable, i am not getting new hardware wizard on my system. How to get rid from the issue. need help!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: What should I do if Windows phone 7.5 won't connect to Windows 8?


    If you fail to connect the Windows Mobile to your Windows 8 PC, you need to chech a few things.

    1. Connect properly, if you are using Bluetooth, Activate Bluetooth in both the the Devices. Then find if they are recognizing each other.
    2. If you are connecting through cable, connect properly. If still no progress, install new Driver Software in windows.
    3. Installation of new Device Driver for USB Port is very essential and log into Microsoft Official Website to get latest Device Driver for Windows 8, and install.


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    Re: What should I do if Windows phone 7.5 won't connect to Windows 8?

    Dear guest,

    The problem that you are facing is not hardware or software. The problem is Zune! When you connect an ordinary phone to your computer, the computer recognises it as a new hardware and installs it. Whereas a windows phone needs Zune software supplied by windows to connect to a computer. It may be made for certain security reasons.

    1) download Zune at www.windowsphone.com.
    2) after downloading it just connect your phone and open Zune.
    3) your phone will be synchronised automatically.
    4) and you will see that your phone is connected to the pc via Zune.
    5) you can manage files via Zune and not through my computers.
    6) you can't transfer office documents.
    7) only videos, pictures and songs can be transferred. Use SkyDrive for document transfer.

    Thank you...

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