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    What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    I am running windows 7 having dell wireless adapter and using wi-fi to use internet. But sometimes it shows limited access and I am not able to access internet. I really don’t know the cause of this problem?

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    Re: What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    This problem generally occurs when wireless network you are using is firewalled,so you cannot have access to all the resources on that network,
    and secondly it also occurs due the weak signal of wireless router.so better make sure which problem you are facing and work accordingly.

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    Re: What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    Hi there,

    The status message LIMITED EDITION in the list of available connections in the Network and Security Center means that the available connection is detected but the sending and receiving of data packets failed due top some reason.

    When this happens, you Please also try the following steps.
    1. Move the machine to another Wireless network place and check whether it can access to Internet or not.

    2. Perform a System Restore to an earlier point.

    3. Assign a static IP address.
    Before we proceed, I would like to let you know some general router IP addresses., In most cases, the router address is “”, “” or “”. If we know the IP address of the router, please perform the following steps.

    a. Click "Start", input "NCPA.CPL" (without quotation marks) and hit Enter.

    b. Right click on the connection that you use for the local connection, and then click "Properties".

    c. Click “Continue” to verify the administrator permission.

    d. Click to select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)", and then click "Properties".

    e. Select “use the following IP address”.

    Manually set “IP address” (For example, if your router IP address is, we can type the IP address as If the router IP address is, we should type in

    Manually set “Subnet mask” as (Note: We can use this address as the default subnet mask.)

    Manually set “Default gateway” (Note: Default gateway is the IP address of the router.)

    Manually set “preferred DNS server” (Note: Preferred DNS server is also the address of the router.)

    f. Click “OK”.

    If the issue persists, please type "ipconfig /all" and post the result here for research.

    Thanks and Regards..!!!

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    Re: What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    Limited access means you will not connect to the internet at that time.
    Either internet is blocked to you at that time or the wireless device is facing some connectivity issue due to which you cannot get internet access.
    If you control the Wi-Fi then check for the physical or software problems.
    Sometimes if the internet providers power goes off then you cannot get data.

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    Re: What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    Hello friend..,

    -> I saw your post i can tell you the solution for your problem you can simply follow the below given URL go for it

    and you can easily get the solution for your problem.


    @All the best@

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    Re: What is Wireless connection limited access means?

    You problem is two type.
    First you have problem with slow network service .
    Second is firewalled problem .
    So use a good internet service and change you firewall setting.
    It will solve your problem.

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