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    Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    Please suggest me the sites from where i can get more information on windows 8,i am curious to know more about it in details before i decide to upgrade my pc opperating system ie windows 7 ultimate to windows 8?

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    There are many site from where you can get detail about windows 8.
    You can also go to Microsoft official site to know more about it.
    Microsoft Official site is www.windows.microsoft.com

    Appart this you can get more detail from Wikipedia also. Wikipedia
    have much more information about Windows 8. There is one more
    very nice site that provide information of windows including
    Windows 8 that is www.buildwindows.com

    These website contain information from developer so you can trust
    on these information.

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    there ara many sites where in you can get information about windows 8.depending on what kind of query you have.we are here to tell you ths same.
    however, windows own offcial site is dedicated to all the details and frequently asked questions.
    here is the link.
    for your knowledge the windows 8 consumer preview is available as of now.

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    Microsoft offers more details about the Windows Store in Windows 8, the place where applications are going to be purchased. One of the massive changes in Windows 8, already mentioned in BUILD 2011, is that if you are logging in is using a Windows Live ID, then the PC state including METRO apps will be replicated automatically when you log into any other Windows 8 PC.
    Along with the ability to better control the quality of applications, installed by user from Windows Store, Microsoft also uses a single source for the installation process of applications to enable the synchronization in the cloud.
    According to new information, applications that developers will be able to put in Windows Store could be free, demo or paid (from $ 1.49 and up to $ 999). Apps will be organized in several categories and there will be a landing page whose presentation is similar (at least visually) with what is now in the Android Market. Additionally, the windows Store will be integrated into the search engine embedded in Windows 8.
    A Windows Store application will be available for installation simultaneously on up to five PCs, with the possibility to manually changing the list.
    Installing an application will be made with minimal interaction similar to what is now on Windows Phone. When updates appear, users will automatically be notified.
    NOTE: In Windows 8, Windows Store is the only place from where METRO applications can be installed. The other ones (i.e. ones we use now) will be installed as before in the Windows Classic window.

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    You can get all the information from microsoft windows official site which is www.microsoft.com

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    I would like to show you some videos.

    you will understand well.


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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    its good that you are so interested in knowing more about the product,
    and keeping in mind the same Microsoft provides every information which you need to know
    on their official site www.windows.microsoft.com

    also you can get information on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_7

    and www.buildwindows.com

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?

    Hello Friend,

    You are doing just best, if you are interesting to get yourself updated. Windows 8 has make everyone curious to know, not only you. Even I feel its the best and just want to update my OS as soon as I get it. Well, dear you can get lot of information about this from the website of Microsofts, i.e. http://www.windows.microsoft.com

    You can also increase your knowledge by visiting the following sites:

    1. http://www.buildwindows.com

    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_7

    All the best

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    Re: Where to get more details about Windows 8?


    If you want to know more details about the windows 8 ...
    So will show you all the ways where you can easily to get more and more information or details of windows 8..
    I will give some websites name there you can easily get all information ..
    These all link's will help you to get all the information about windows 8

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