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    Why does Android HTC 8S not restart after firmware update?

    I had done an update on the firmware of my HTC 8S but after the update it showed a message saying it was low on memory and so I am in the process of freeing up memory. I tried restarting it but didnít solve the issue. How can I get my phone to work?

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    Re: Why does Android HTC 8S not restart after firmware update?

    You could try doing a factory reset on your phone. It is possible to do so even if you are not able to get it working. This can be done using the buttons of the phone. The first thing you got to do is power off you phone in case it is switched on. This can be done by pressing down the power button. Keep on pressing down the volume button and then press the power button down briefly. You would then see an icon on the screen. As soon as this becomes visible, release the buttons. Then press down the volume up button followed in sequence by the volume down button, power and then again the volume down button. This would get your device factory reset.

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    Re: Why does Android HTC 8S not restart after firmware update?

    first of tell me whether the update was official or you downloaded from internet and done on your own.

    This kind of problems arises only if you have done in the second manner.
    To solve this problem you should know how to reset your phone.

    1. Power off your phone
    2. hold the volume down button.
    3. press power button on holding volume down button.
    4. Now press these keys in the order i mention
    6. Now your phone will restart and perform several actions.. and it takes few minutes to complete. So, don't panic.

    that's it, enjoy

    happy to assist you

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