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    Wi-Fi problem in Lumia 800

    Recently I bought Lumia 800, but Wi-Fi is not working . Whenever I turn it on it doesn't find Wi fi networks. Can you please help me?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Wi-Fi problem in Lumia 800

    There could be two problems,

    1. there is no hotspot near the point from where you are trying to access the Wi Fi from your lumia,

    2. the wifi driver installed in the lumia is having an issue.
    get another wifi driver and install in windows phone, try afterwards, you will be able to connect to the wifi.

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    development Array
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    Re: Wi-Fi problem in Lumia 800

    Hello Dear Dude

    Are you worrying about the problem

    Don't worry

    For any problem there will be a solution

    As you are saying ... your Wi Fi is not working ...

    It could be the problem of the router

    And the position is disabled

    So make sure network is in connection

    Place router to the nearest position

    That is it


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    Re: Wi-Fi problem in Lumia 800

    hello dear !!!

    it is no need to worry, if you are not getting the wifi networks, because it might happen that
    there is no any active wifi network available around your wifi zone of your phone.

    so, first of all ensure that there are wifi active network around you.
    and then go to wifi settings and search for the available network.
    it will surely show you the active network.

    one thing you note down, you will get the list of wifi network if and only if there are active wifi network only.
    else you will not be able to get the wifi device.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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    Re: Wi-Fi problem in Lumia 800

    Dear guest,

    WiFi is a wonderful tool developed in the modern technological world. If one can access it then you can use it to download and use browsing speeds at lightning fasts speeds(depends on many factors). Now that you are facing problems with the WiFi on your phone can be solved.

    There are certain reasons that can be spotted at two points. One is transmitting station and other at recieving station.

    1. The possibility is that the hardware of your WiFi hub has certain issues.
    2. There are no active WiFi hotspot in your region.
    3. The WiFi hub is switched off.
    4. There are more devices linked to the wifi hub than it can handle (usually 5 devices can be hooked to the host hub in a normal home use)
    To solve the about problems just look at your WiFi hub and then change the settings.

    The problems in your phone.
    1. Make sure the WiFi port is set to on in the settings.
    2. Set it to detectable.
    3. The WiFi driver in your phone is expired.
    4. Visit the nearest service centre. They shall install a new driver.

    Thank you...

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