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    WiFi drops continuously after updating to Windows 8.

    I have Lenovo Laptop which was till now running on Windows 7 ultimate which was a pre installed software. Recently I myself installed Windows 8 on my laptop which was successful. But the problem is with the WiFi that is, it won't stay for a longer time in connected mode. It drops automatically and that too very frequently. Earlier this problem was not there. What should I do now?

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    venki Array
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    Re: WiFi drops continuously after updating to Windows 8.

    hello friends..

    to solve the above said problem read the following steps

    ##go to control panel

    ##click on device manager

    ##expand network driver and click on wi-fi driver

    ##click on update device software

    ##after successful installation restart your system

    these steps may solve your problem

    all the best

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: WiFi drops continuously after updating to Windows 8.

    The WiFi network disconnection problem is a common problem and few reasons are responsible for that.

    1. if you have ever installed antivirus like Norton or McAfee, and did not uninstall it from windows ,if at all, using
    their respective uninstaller, they leave traces which create such problems. Use registry cleaner to clean traces.
    2. Check the WiFi signal strength, the receiver might have problem in receiving clear signal.
    3. Update the Wireless driver , go to Control panel--system and security--device manager--wireless adapter--
    Driver--update driver.

    This should fix the issue.

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