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    Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?

    I heard that the security is increased in Windows 8. Do it really enables the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens? Can you tell me where to enable those option from Windows 8?

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    Re: Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?

    you have heard right about the increased security features in the new windows 8.There is an in built anti-virus in the operating sysytem too.As for your answer yes windows 8 help parents to track there childrens activity on the internet.
    This is basially done by making an administrator account for the parents and there is an application which will send you the weekly reports of the activity of the children . There are other features like , you can also limit the amount of time you want children to spend on internet after which the net coonectivity will be disabled for thet account.
    Hope i gave you what you were looking for.

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    Re: Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?

    yes the windows 8 secures the internet connection with the use of kids and the parents it allows parents to control the use of internet by kids and the connection settings will be in the internet options of the os and also parental lock also provided with the use of internet.

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    Re: Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?


    Windows 8 has come up with many features which made every one well astonishing till now. There is another one which is not yet introduced by any one .

    It is to track the Children's use of the internet by their parents. Yes, Windows 8 provides the facility for Parents top track their Children's use of the Internet.

    In this Parents need to create the account as the administrator and they are responsible to create the accounts for their children. So, when ever any child logs in to their own account, then the history what they have browsed will be stored in the "Family Box". Not only that, Parents can view what web sites did the children had viewed, time they had spent on the Computer can be known.

    This information will be sent to the Parents through mail. So, in order to know this information Parents need not log in to their administrator Account all the time. Parents can block any Web site from the mail itself.

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    Re: Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?


    Yes windows 8 enables the parents to actually track the internet use of kids.

    This is done in the following way:

    You first of all need to create a guest account which can be accessed by children.

    Than go to the control panel open the parents settings and than put the security tracking criteria for the guest account.

    Now what happens is that whenever the internet is accessed from that account , a list of all the websites and webpages is made into a report and is given to you every weekend depending on the settings.

    You can also limit the internet usage of that account by using a timer.

    -All the best

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    Re: Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?

    Keeping your family safer with Windows 8

    With Windows 8, you can monitor what your kids are doing, no matter where they use their PC. All you have to do is create a Windows user account for each child, check the box to turn on Family Safety, and then review weekly reports that describe your childrens PC use. No additional downloads, installation wizards, or configuration steps are required. Just check the box!


    8204.FamilySafety02_5F00_thumb_5F00_5B1173CB.jpgStandard accounts for the kids

    Weve long recommended that parents log in as the computer administrator and make sure children have separate standard accounts. In Windows 8, accounts that the administrator or parentcreates are automatically created as standard accounts. This approach has several benefits. Children:
    • Wont be able to access their parents email, online accounts, documents, etc.
    • Can customize their own account settings without affecting their parents account
    • Wont be able to download malware or other questionable files because the SmartScreen Application Reputation serviceautomatically prevents it
    For parents who want more control

    Activity reporting, which is on automatically in the new Family Safety, is the perfect solution for many parents. However, if you like more control, you can set up more powerful and customizable restrictions directly from links in the activity reporting email, or on familysafety.microsoft.com, if needed. In addition to the restrictions currently available in Windows 7, weve added some new ones in Windows 8, including:
    1.Web filtering: You can choose between several web filtering levels.

    2 SafeSearch: When web filtering is active, SafeSearch is locked into the Strict setting for popular search engines such as Bing,Google, and Yahoo. This will filter out adult text, images, and videos from your search results.
    3 .
    Time limits: With Windows 8, you now can restrict the number of hours per day your child can use their PC. For example, you might set a limit of one hour on school nights and two hours on weekends. This is in addition to the bedtime limits currently available in Windows 7.
    Windows Store: Activity reports list the most recent Windows Store downloads, and you can set a game-rating level, which prevents your children from seeing apps in the Windows Store above a particular age rating.
    Application and game restrictions: As in Windows 7, you can block specific applications and games or set an appropriate game rating level.

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