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    Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.

    I have Pentium Dual core PC with 2 GB RAM. upto last week it was working fine and I use to work on dual boot(both windows vista & Ubuntu). Just as I wish to install windows 7 ultimate, I have formated the drive & installed succesfully Windows 7ultimate edition.
    Problem arises when I have login for the 1st time and refreshed, its got restarted. Everytime I login, it gets restarted and it continues. But If I install Ubuntu or RedHat its work fine with the same hardware. I have doubts on my HDD so I replaced it and reinstalled, but the problem remain same.....I have used different DVD for installation but nothing happend.....

    so pls suggest.....
    Thanks in advance

    Raja, India

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.


    In case of dual boot, only one operating system works at a time. Other operating system does not interfere with the working operating system.

    The only changes in both the operating system are the changes in MBR (Master boot record). This file tells the BIOS in the computer about the operating systems installed on the hard disk. This is stored in the latest operating systemís drive.

    As you have formatted the drive, the MBR is also destroyed.

    To solve your problem:

    Format the drive containing Windows 7, Windows Vista and Ubuntu at once using Windows 7 installation disk.

    Install Windows 7 on a fresh partition. Installing Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu cause certain issues.

    After that Ubuntu can be installed along with Windows 7 in usual manner.

    If you want to install Windows Vista, then you have to install Windows Vista first, Windows 7 second and Ubuntu/Red Hat in the last.

    Your problem will be solved.


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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.


    Check your BIOS mode and check BIOS settings and change it to AHCI

    After that also facing same issue

    Check with another Operating system may be your OS corrupt.

    Check your HDD and Ram Properly working or not

    Then also facing same issue at that we have to suspect planar or processor problem

    Check and clarify.

    Thank you

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    Re: Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.

    Hi, Dear friend

    To get the solution for the above problem

    press windows key+R

    Now type sysdm.cpl and click OK

    Then tap on ADVANCED tab and click the SETTINGS button under the STARTUP and RECOVERY SESSION

    And now under the SYSTEM FAILURE category ....un check the AUTOMATICALLY RESTART check box

    And finally click OK button .......and now check if it helps

    If you have solved the problem ... then there must be problem exists in the BIOS settings only in that case RESTART the PC and go to BIOS settings and make them all the settings to DEFAULT

    Then re-enable the AUTOMATICALLY RESTART settings ...and check if it helps

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.

    Hello my dear Aspirant

    Dear Best Suggestion is to avoid the Working with the Dual OS

    If you want to use both so you must follow the below steps and Definitely you can resolve the Issue

    Here I have given you the Steps to fix this issue

    • Choose to select on the "START " menu and then Go to click on the " CONTROL PANEL "

    • There you can see the "SYSTEM and Security " option

    • After click on it there Tap on the " SYSTEM " option

    • It will open a window having the Number of options

    • Go to click on the "Advanced system settings "

    Or else you can get by click on the "My Computer " and click on the "Properties " option

    Thee also you will find the "Advanced system settings "

    Now you can Un check the " Automatic Restart " and Tap on "OK "

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: Windows 7 automatically restarting after Logging in.

    Hello friend,

    1.Its not a big problem,please go to the your system desktop,

    2.After this please inserted the windows disc and restart your system,

    3.Then please press the ''dell'' button and open the BIOS system and reinstall window 7 system,

    4.Now restart your system and you use the normally,

    5.I hope this information use full to you,

    Thank you,

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