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    Windows 7 became not genuine after installing Windows 8

    My PC was running in Windows 7. I have made dual boot with Windows 8 pro. After this, there is no maker version in Windows 7 which was a genuine product. Why this happens?

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    Re: Windows 7 became not genuine after installing Windows 8


    Windows8 has turned Windows7 into second ranked OS after installation as it has strong and new features which are more powerful than the previous one.

    Uninstall both the software. If you have the disk for bothe the Operating Systems, Install Windows 8 first, once completed Install Windows 7 and input Authentication Number one by one carefully. Carefull, if you have Authentication Number for both only then try to reinstall bothe Versions otherwise you will loose everything.


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    Re: Windows 7 became not genuine after installing Windows 8

    Windows 7 and Windows 8 both are made in such a way to avoid the piracy and track the pirated software.
    If you want to dual boot the computer, always install that version first, which is newer one.
    Otherwise the registry is being edited by the newer version making both the OS Non-Genuine.
    So in your case, first install Windows 8 and then after back up for the Win 8, install Windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 became not genuine after installing Windows 8


    u may come with some basic problem that and its very easy to overcome like;

    First of all u r come with this problem because of ur window is updateing by automatic and so ur OS also update and ur windows change to not genuine but now u have one way to over come it.

    @ just download windows7 loder from this link and run it and u will get it back genuine " http://www.downloadroot.com/windows_7_loader_download.html"

    @ if u dont want again ur windows come with dis problem u must have to disable "auto update " option from control panel

    i hope it will works for u...

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