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    Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    I am a first year engineering student and thus studying turbo C++ and sometimes I work with Graphics.To work with graphics, we need a full screen mode. Turbo C++ support full screen mode easily in windows xp but I have bought new windows 7 Laptop but here Turbo C++ opens only in half screen mode and thus I am not able to use Graphics. Is there any way to use Graphics programming in windows 7 using Turbo C++?

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    To use Turbo C++ IDE in windows 7 and to use graphics install*your *"Graphics driver "
    For that* Computers->properties->device manager->Display Adapters->graphics driver version u have install that...And after log off Run your "C:\\TC\\BIN\\TC.exe".it will open in full screen.

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++


    As everyone knows TC is not supported full screen in windows 7 its too difficult to work in a small screen where i think no one can ever imagine writing a program here.

    For better full screen view you have to use a third party software called "DOS Box v0.74".

    Download and install DOS Box.

    How to run TC in full screen mode using DOS Box.

    1.At first create a directory(Folder) in C drive and name it DOSBOSS so the path of the directory should be C:\DOSBOSS.

    2.Copy your installed TC folder in DOSSBOSS folder.

    3.Run DOSBox 0.74.exe from desktop or start>All programs>DOSBox0.74>DOSBox0.74.exe.

    4.Now you should see two console window one upon another in the fronted window a group of text such as "Welcome to DOSBox 0.74....
    it is the main window.and at the end there will be appear Z:/>

    5.Write the command: mount C C:\DOSBOSS (you will seerive C is mounted as local directory C:\DOSBOSS\

    6.Then write the command: C: press enter(you will see C:\>

    7.Write the command: cd TC\BIN here cd is dos command means change directory(you should see C:\TC\BIN>

    8.Now give the command start TC: type "tc" then press enter. your turbo c will being run on DOS Box in small window.now press "Alt+Enter" to make it full screen.

    and enjoy your Turbo C++ in full screen.

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    windows 7 doesn't support full screen mode ,but you can view in full screen in windows 7 by following these steps
    1)now download the file from http://www.mediafire.com/?i4cz857qocra7ag
    2)download and extract and install now a shortcut is created in desktop.
    3)double click on it and open it now you can view turbo c++ in full screen mode
    Thank You

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    hello friend . . .

    You can haply run full screen of the Turbo c++ in Windows7.
    It takes several steps . first you need to known. Why windows 7 is not support for full screen of command prompt operations .

    In This is majorly interactive point of view the operating system are divided into two types.
    Those are
    1. CUL - character user interface supported operating systems.
    2. GUI - Graphical user interface support operating system.

    This present world GUI is mostly interested to use the operating system. as the senario The Windows 7 Operating system is develop fully support for GUI.
    Windows 7 also support internal CUI , but not much familler with windows 7.
    so Turbo C++ is the CUI related Application. So it is not support in windows 7 partially but if change some settings. This Turbo C++ is also can be used haply.

    Now solution of the above problem


    Remove the graphic driver from your System
    now Follow these steps.
    * Right Click on My Computer Icon.
    * Chose and click on Manage.
    * select and go to Device manager ( you can directly type on start menu as device manager ).
    * Go to Display Adapters.
    * and go to Display Driver .
    * And Uninstall that Driver.
    * Lunch the Turbo C++ Now.
    * press Alt + Enter.
    * Your Turbo c++ is Coming as full screen.

    Increase the Font Size of the Command prompt window
    if you have not interested to uninstall you Display driver. then do this.
    * Open the Command prompt window by press in Win +r and type 'command' .
    * Click on top left corner a system menu will menu appear.
    * Click on properties.
    * go to Font tab.
    * Increase the size of the font.

    Third Party applications.
    If Windows 7 not support full screen . if you not intrested to do above methods.
    Then haply download C++ Programming related compailers are available.
    Download and install on your system.
    and after you no need to uninstall any thing no need setting any thing in your system.

    Go to This site several compilers are available
    Those are
    Dev C++ .
    Dos box ( Which is An tool to runn CUI compilers).


    This site contain several compilers for C++ Programming.

    All the best.

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    Wink Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    (()) HI (())

    ()() Steps to follow ()()

    ()_() Open TC++ ()_()

    ()_() Go to the top left corner of the window where t
    urboC++ IDE is written ()_()

    Right-click on it and select Properties ()_()

    ()_() Click on
    Fonts tab and select Lucida console ()_()

    ()_() Select the size as
    28 ()_()

    ()_() Now select the
    Layout tab ()_()

    ()_() Change the
    Screen Buffer Size's width to 107 and Height to 47 ()_()

    ()_() Change the
    Window size's width to 106 and Height to 46 ()_()

    ()_() Change the
    Window position's left to -4 and top to -4 ()_()

    ()_() Click
    OK once you did the changes ()_()

    ()_() Then make the resolution of desktop to
    1280X600 ()_()

    turbo c.png Untitled.png

    (()) Thank you (())

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++


    Yes in turbo c++ is not comes in the default to full screen is not work out because of to various functionality to various companies focus them..

    Full screen is not a problem to working the your Program is easy to cover it..

    Just Follow steps :

    --> In this cause to full screen as to focus them is uses the "DOSSBOSS" can create to work out to in the easy to process in the ul screen is coverd..

    some images are:


    - Dos BoX is uses them to convert the Full screen..


    - Turbo c++ is the Full screen to convert the uses the DossBoss in the uses

    Home page Logo of the windows 7

    as to use to full screen mode ..

    It is Hope to use full for you..

    Thank You..
    Attached Images

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    Hi friend,
    Windows 7 doesn't support full screen but you may set the window size to max
    follow these steps:
    -> Open TC++
    -> select Properties
    -> select the Layout tab
    -> Change the Screen size's width to 116 and Height to 52
    -> Change the Window size's width to 116 and Height to 52

    now you can the window of turbo compiler larger


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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    Hello Friend,

    Such type of problems comes just because of the settings of Layout. You can easily make this according to your requirements.


    1. Firstly, open you Turbo C++ and go to its properties.

    2. From the properties, select Layout tab. A dialog box will appear on the screen.

    3. Now, set the height and width you need. You can set this according to your screen resolution also. Manage that and you'll get the result.

    Wish you all the very best.

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++


    friend . you have problem with your Turbo c++.

    >> This is right that you can directly run trubo c in full screen mode in windows7.

    >> but you can do it with manually.

    >> just download " dosbox" software .

    >> after that run it and now you have to set the path of your turbo c file using command.

    >> like cd c:

    cd turbo c
    cd bin
    cd tc.

    >> like that any path you can set and now you can use this with full screen mode.

    >> i hope you have done it.

    >> all the best.

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    To work turbo C++ on windows 7 with full screen without MS-DOS support will be using the popular DOSBOX emulator, just download this http://www.megaleecher.net/sites/def...or_Windows.zip and install it after unzip.
    To make the launcher Run in Full Screen just edit the shortcut which is on your desktop

    Right Click on the icon
    Select Properties
    Switch to Shortcut tab at the top of the window
    Change the Run option to Maximized

    For your clear understanding I'm posting a picture

    happy to assist you

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    Re: Windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode in Turbo C++

    The issue is regarding the screen compatibility
    to solve this problem you have to install dosbox
    Dos box software support you to run this program in full screen

    Install it on C drive
    steps to run Dosbox after installation

    mount c c:tc
    Cd bin

    you can comfortably run problem in full screen but some time you will face problems
    regarding the graphics coding

    also there is issue regarding shortcut which we use in normal C
    for compiling and running

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