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    Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    I have made a latest update to the Windows 7 OS on my Dell Inspiron notebook. Followed by that, windows OS freezes on start up. What has to be done for fixing up this problem?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook


    It seems your Windows 7 installation is somewhat not completed or there can be virus infection in your computer.

    Suggested methods to solve the problems are :

    Insert Windows 7 installer diskette in to the optical drive and boot from that, once finished it will offer you the chance to "Repair" the OS.

    Select it and proceed as per its guidence, and it will repair your Operating System.

    Using Windows installer CD you can Reinstall Windows 7 to complete installation if it was incomplete earlier.

    Check and clean your entire computer for presence of any virus at the earliest.


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    W4RLOCK Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook


    Well its not common problem but follow these instructions

    to avoid these error again.

    open ms config in safe mode - access it by typing ms config in the search menu)

    Once you are in there go to services and disable " superfetch" .


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    Ams Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook


    you have freeze problem.

    >> just you need to check following things:

    >> remove all the unwanted software and space from your system.

    >> just press win+R and then write & %temp& and it will shows you list of files.

    >> just select all and remove.

    >> and remove all the unnecessary program from add or remove program.

    >> it will reduce you system startup time and so your boot will be fast.

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the very best

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    Hi dear friend........follow the below guide.....lines..... and resolve your issue......

    Simply insert the windows 7 DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    now press DELETE key from ..... the keyboard.....and choose the BOOT menu and select the boot option

    and press F10 ... key to save the Settings....and click OK .....after that your PC restarts Automatically

    then press ENTER key to boot from DVD ....and follow the instructions

    And after selecting the Language options.........click the REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER option ....that is observe the below screen shot
    windows-7-startup-repair-4.jpg then follow the onscreen instructions...................

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    Dear friend,

    There can be two reasons behind this:

    1. The updates you have installed on your system are causing conflicts with the operating system.
    This happens rarely. To solve this problem, you have to uninstall the update. You can do this with the either

    a. System restore point
    b. Booting your computer into safe mode by pressing F8 key during start-up, and then
    uninstalling the latest updates you have installed.

    2. Your PC is infected with viruses or malwares. To solve this, you should have an updated anti-virus program always.
    As you have said that your operating system freezes on start up, you can download of antivirus rescue disc such as Quick heal
    antivirus rescue disk, and similar. These discs can scan your PC without loading operating system. Just download the image file
    of the disc and the burn it to a CD. Boot with that and rest of the things will be handled by it.


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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    Hi Friend,Your notebook problem is it freezes on Startup.So first check that windows 7 is install correctly into your notebook.>> Also try to remove the startup program fron system, for that open Run and type startup, and delete program that are not needed.>> If problem still continue then insert Windows 7 DVD into DVD rom then open system in repair mode.I hope your problem will be solved.All the Best

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    Dark Knight Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook


    This might be due to the Virus effect .

    and also might be due to the failure of the updates or incomplete updates .

    Insert the OS disk and select Repair OS option.

    or reinstall the OS again .

    Scan your device with the good and reputed antivirus .

    Thank you...

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    my dear friend, as you said your system freezes on start up I take it as you are not in a situation to open up windows OS from booting up. Here is the solution for it.
    Switch on you laptop by pressing power button.
    keep on pressing F8 button.
    You will notice lot is options after pressing F8, like windows safe mode, safe mode with networking... choose "safe mode with networking"

    Don't panic it take little time to enter into safe mode, just wait and see.

    Once you enter into "safe mode"
    click on start.
    type restore
    select system restore.
    choose the restore point, i mean the date when your system worked perfectly.
    click restore.
    click finish.

    system will restart after restoring.

    happy to assist you

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    Surender Gora Array
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    Re: Windows 7 freezes on start up on Dell Inspiron notebook

    You are facing this problem because , you have too many programs which start up windows you start your windows.
    These process make starting of laptop too slow.

    To get rid of this problem , first you need to uninstall all unwanted programs from control panel.

    Open Programs and Features by​ clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then click Programs and Features.

    Now remove all those unwanted programs which makes your computer slow .

    Next , go to Run , type : msconfig .

    You will see aa window like this, here uncheck all those programs which you don't need at start up

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