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    Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    I don't know what is wrong on my windows 7 computer, in order to restore the system from the previous schedule I clicked on the System Restore from control panel, recovery the system hangs abruptly. Keyboard and mouse stops working through their lights are still blinking, except restarting I do not have any other option. Please help me how to stop this.

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    adityaonline Array
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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    Dear friend this state of the pc refers that the system files has got corrupted. You need to repair the files and if it fails then you need to reinstall the windows.

    Follow these steps.

    1. Configure your system to boot via dvd drive.

    2. Start the windows 8 7 setup.

    3. Setup will search for already installed windows ad provide you option to repair the existing windows.

    4. Attempt to repair the windows.

    5. Your windows shall be corrected.

    6. And if the windows does not repair then reinstall it.

    for further help post to my visitor massage.


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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    From the note you have submitted in order to get a solution for your problem,
    It can be said that if the SYSTEM RECOVERY option which is provided to rescue a system in distress fails, there is
    only two options left for the user, a Repair System or a Reinstallation of the Windows.

    Insert the Windows Installer DVD into optical drive to boot from it, select install now, select REPAIR INSTALL and follow the guidence to repair the corruption , after finishing, boot normally.

    If the Repair option fails reinstall windows to solve the issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    HELLO ,

    Well i think your System Image has been corrupted or damaged


    your system is facing the Virus problem, please remove the all Virus

    from your system by a good antivirus-Quick Heal is a good one

    and Restart your system.....,, also sometimes due to any file missing causes this problem

    so install the window again.

    To Install fresh copy of Windows follow Below Instructions:-

    1--First of all insert a bootable DVD of a new OS

    2--Press any key When it says "press any key to continue"

    3--Follow the Instructions as given.

    4--when it ask "select the drive in which you want to install windows" choose advance option

    5--select that drive in which you wantt to install OS

    6--Now format the Drive

    7--Finish The setup process..


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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    Hi, Dear friend

    May be the restore point in your PC got corrupted so, that it behaves like that

    and to get the solution for this... try the same SAFE MODE .....that is ...restart the PC

    and now press F8 key at the start up......and choose SAFE MODE option ....and login with the admin account.....and now try again

    and if you are unable to do that ..... try with .... if you have any image recovery or ..... repair disc option

    Other wise you need to solve it by the manual option that is Repair Your Computer or re-install the windows ......

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    Hello friend,

    Its not a big problem,please go to the your windows 7 system,

    After this please insert the windows 7 os disc in your system,

    Then please restart your system and press the dell button,

    Now open the BIOS system and repair your system,

    After this you use the normally,

    I hope this information use full to you,


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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Windows 7 hanging when clicked on "System Restore".

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............................

    1.Press 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' and then Task Manager will open.

    2.Then you go to the Applications and then end the process of the System Restore.

    3.Still if it is not stopping then there is only one process that is shut down or restart.

    4.If after that your system do not turn on then your system OS files may be damaged.

    5.So you try to repair your OS files using Windows OS CD.

    I hope by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    Have a nice day.....................

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