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    Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere

    My friend is using windows 7 Home Premium which came pre-installed in his HP laptop. Everything was working fine but he used a cleaner software to clean the junk files Present in his laptop. There was an option to clean the Registry and he cleaned the registry also. After that everything works fine but he is not able to create any new folder anywhere in his computer. He asked me about this issue but I donít know much about it so Please guide me to solve this issue.

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    Raajkumar Array
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    Re: Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere

    There is a temporary solution
    #delete the contents of a folder after copying it.
    #rename the folder as new folder and cut and paste on the desktop.
    #whenever you need a new folder copy the empty new folder from the desktop and paste it there.
    Three is another method by using registry edit but I dont know the variables.
    I will post as soon as I find the variables.

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    Re: Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere

    Hey Friend...

    I think when you used that cleaner software, some of your files get deleted or corrupt or missing from your C-Drive including your registry files.
    Now all you need to that you can restore your system but before doing that, you must create a back up of all your important data which you have in your HP Laptop because once you restore then it might be a chance that the pre-installed drivers can be remove or not functioned properly.
    If the problem still persist, then re-install your Windows 7 again and then use your Laptop.

    Hope that will run same as earlier it was...


    Regards Libin

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    Re: Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere

    hi my dear friend.....to fix this problem just do may

    and i also faced the same problem in the past

    >> first click on the start menu and select computer or press windows key + E from your key board

    >> then press alt + T form your key board

    >> then there is pop up ..............on the top in that select folder options

    >> in that window choose VIEW tab

    >> In that tab click on the reset folders button on the same window

    >> and after that click on the restore default in the bottom of the same window

    >> then apply and click ok buttons

    ....then try ....then also the same problem arises.....then there may be a virus attacked in your pc

    so then install the good antivirus and scan the complete system ....and.....try

    .....ALL THE BEST.....

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    Re: Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere

    hello friend . . .

    This is simple problem . if you create a folders on particular location.
    But it was not allowed to you. So once check that particular location is access by other person or not.
    These locations you can't create the folder.
    1. in the location of the system files.
    2. Other user folders you can't create a folder.
    3. Other Operating system locations you can't create a folder.
    4. encrypted related drives are not allowed create a folder.
    5. some time you can't create the folder on network drives.

    Now Follow these instructions for remedies for above problems
    1. where ever you want to create a folder . please take permission of that folder.
    2. Take ownership for system file you can hapl create the folder on system files locations.
    3. Please take the encrypted drives password you can haply create a folder on that location.
    4. Take pernission From administrator you can haply create folder on Other user account folders.
    5. if you taken a permission from network admin then you can haply create folder on network drives.

    Not Created in General Locations also Follow these steps carefully
    1. open the particular location in command prompt. and type the command MD <folder Name >.
    2. Copy alread existed folder . paste it needed location and delete all files which is contain. and rename it.
    3. try to reset the Folder settings .

    All the best
    Thanks . . .

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    Re: Windows 7 Home Premium not Allowing to create a New Folder anywhere


    I think the problem occurred when your friend removed the registry from your system ..
    Yes , any computer can act like this if any type of registry is removed from the computer..
    Registries act and play an important role in making things easier to do in pc or laptop and also provide assistance for different task which we do in the computer..

    Since the registries got deleted hence this problem of non allowing of creating new folder occurred in your friend's computer..
    The only thing what he can do is formatting of the computer and then using it ..
    The process of registry editing and installing can also be done but that is a time consuming process and also risky too ....
    Also for the future make sure not to use these type of cleaning softwares and if used then use them with care ..


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