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    Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen

    At the time I log on to my samsung Laptop which is powered by Winodws 7. It does not allowing me to enter into my profile by showing a black screen. The Black screen stays off and I cannot do anything. So I tried to change the log on screen manually but could not do so. Is there any steps need to change logon screen. Please help me out by giving the solution for this problem also I want to know why this happens !!!

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    Re: Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen

    The problem is seems to be in displaying driver. Follow these steps:

    1.Go to start and right-click on My computer
    2.Select Manage ands then Select Device Manager
    3.Expand Display Adapters at the right pane.
    4.now select the drive under that and right-click on it
    5.Select Un-install.
    6.Once the Un-installation completed restart your computer for proper fix.
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    Re: Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen


    dear friend,

    Of course you can change the logon screen if you wish.

    You can set any picture to display it as the logon screen.

    You can change it from the display option in control panel.

    But it'll be easy to use a third party software to change the logon screen quickly.

    Just download the attachment & unzip it.

    After that, run the application & browse for the picture which you want to set as your logon screen.

    Now click on Apply+OK & restart your computer.

    You'll see the changes that has been saved.
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    Re: Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen

    I’d suggest you to try System Restore or try to log in by starting up in Safe mode. Please see the steps below for starting up in Safe mode, and System Restore.

    Safe mode

    Steps to login by using Safe mode,

    1. Restart computer and before Windows logon screen appears press F8 continuously which will bring “Advanced Boot” options.

    2. Please select “Safe mode” and hit enter to start your computer in Safe mode.

    Safe Mode is a Diagnostic Mode of Microsoft Windows Operating System running with minimal set of services and drivers.

    System Restore

    Open System Restore by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.* If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    For more information about system protection, see What is system protection?

    System Restore returns your PC's system files and programs to a time when everything was working fine.

    For more information about System Restore, see What is System Restore?

    If you need further assistance post within the TechNet – Windows 7 Performance Community for further assistance.

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    Re: Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen

    hi dear friend........this problem appears when your windows date expires

    If we use the trial pack of windows 7 .....and it will gives the service ....30 days ...........only after the 30 days ...the problems appears like this

    so you need to confirm by checking this

    first click on the start menu and right click on the my computer

    then choose the properties from the pop up

    then there is a window will be displayed...,...there you check your ...windows updates

    if it expires ....then upgrade the new key ....other wise follow these steps

    1. press windows key + r and type regedit and click Yes

    2. then go to this address...HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>softwares>microsoft>w indows>current version>authentication>logonUI>background

    3. there double click on the OEM background option from the right pane and set the value 1

    4. then go to my computer and open OS installed drive (C) >windows>system 32>oobe

    5. then find the folder info and open it

    6. create the new folder with the name backgrounds

    7. then copy the image whtever you want...and paste in the backgrounds folder ....and rename it as backgoundDefault

    then restart your pc ...............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Windows 7 logon screen shows black screen

    Dear User.......

    If you want to know that windows 7 Log-on screen shows black screen ...So you just see my easy and simple steps....An then try it yourself.....
    Let's have a look.....

    First of all go and on the computer and then right click on the My computer and then select to manage and then select the device manager ..After that Expand Display Adapters at the right pane ..Now here you can select the drive under that .And then right click on it..Now at the end select uninstall..And then Once the Un-installation completed restart your computer for proper fix....You are successfully done your issues...

    ALL Done ....
    Hope you like that information....
    Thank You .......

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