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    Windows 7 not able to recognize the USB drive

    My windows 7 Computer is not recognizing the USB drive. It seems that the computer is not able to install the appropriate driver as it always shows an error message something like"Installation not successfull". What else can I do to fix this issue? Please provide a step by step solution.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 7 not able to recognize the USB drive


    The problem arises out of the situation when the Device Driver for the Universal Serial Bus port fail to respond.

    First of all check the USB port using a diagnostic program for its health.

    Possibly it`s not the reason, so now you need to follow the steps as mentioned.

    START>CONTROL PANEL>HARDWARE AND SOUND>DEVICE DRIVER>installed device namely Universal Serial Bus Controller>DRIVER>UNINSTALL.

    This will uninstall the existing driverand just after, click UPDATE DRIVER and it will fetch you a brand new Device Driver for USB Port and install successfully.Provided your net connection is on and seamless.


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    Re: Windows 7 not able to recognize the USB drive


    Your system drives may be crashed away this will occur when you may had updated any software or your system software may be corrupted.

    The only thing you can do is.

    You update your USB drivers then your USB will be detected.

    Go to the Properties of My computer then to the Hardware and tap on Device manager.

    Then you go to the Universal Serial Bus Driver and update your USB drivers.

    Be Happy.......................

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    Re: Windows 7 not able to recognize the USB drive

    Dear Friend,

    If your pendrive not recognize in the respective operating system.

    then it means you have not installed the USB driver.

    install the USB driver whichever are you get from the Motherboard.

    install the Driver.

    then detect it from the Device Manager which available from the My computer right click....

    Thank You!!

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