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    Windows 7 not allowing file download of certain applications

    I have been using Windows 7 for the past 3 months. After the last update, I am not able to download files such as tomtom. Why is this happening?

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Windows 7 not allowing file download of certain applications

    Hello friend...

    I think one of the reason for your problem is your antivirus is blocking your download.

    Another could be that your IE security settings(if your using the IE ).

    At maximum windows doesnt allow you to download exe,com scr files and like.

    That is not the default setting,but you set it that way it will block the running of dled executables.

    GoTo IE-> tools ->Internet options-> security and tick it up a notch from maximum if its set that way.(you can do this through the control panel).

    Hope this may help you.....

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