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    Windows 7 PC prompts to re-install rtl120.bpl

    As I want to use advanced features with my PC, I have installed Windows 7 into it. Now, whenever I turn on my PC, the system says that I need to re-install rtl120.bpl. What could be the reason behind this issue?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows 7 PC prompts to re-install rtl120.bpl

    Hi dear friend............ The above error......may be related to Tune up Utilities 2010

    So, and for the solution of the above problem is

    click start button and go to control panel

    now click on Programs option

    click Programs and features option

    now select Tune up Utilities ....from the list ... and right click on it ......and follow the instructions

    then press windows key+r and type regedit in the run box and press ENTER key and click YES

    now expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software

    under the software delete the Tune up Utilities related folder .......

    and after that your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Windows 7 PC prompts to re-install rtl120.bpl

    It is a part of Borland and Package Library.
    rtl120.bpl is a CodeGear runtime library,When an application runs it uses this library and if it does not find this will cause this error

    As you have said it comes at startup . So there is a problem with a software that automatically starts at startup . You have to stop that program to startup automatically . You can try these steps:-

    1. Login to your PC
    2. click start Then click cmd
    3. Type :- "msconfig" without quotes.
    4. Hit enter.
    6. Now a short windows opens


    7. Click on startup tab
    8. It will list all programs that are running each time at startup.
    9. Except Necessary programms like antivirus, firewall, sound card controllers, display controllers etc uncheck all other programs . this can fix your problem.

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