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    Windows 7 PC restarting randomly after installing Service Pack 1

    I got the update for installing service pack 1 yesterday and after completing download system was asking to restart PC but suddenly got the issue of power cut. After power on PC, it restarts randomly many times and nothing performing inspite of stage 2, system stucks at stage 3 of configuring updates. What to do in this situation. Help me!!

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    Re: Windows 7 PC restarting randomly after installing Service Pack 1


    To solve that problem you can try the steps....

    --===>Sometimes due to corrupt installation of Windows OS this kind of problem occurred.
    --===>To solve that problem you need to recover your system.
    --===>Go to Control panel and click on System link.
    --===>Into the opened window find and click on System Protection link.
    --===>After clicking you will get System Properties dialog box.
    --===>Under the System Protection tab click on Create button to create system restore point.
    --===>After clicking system restore point will create within few minute.
    --===>Now click on System Restore button.
    --===>After clicking system will restore.
    --===>After system restoring your problem will solve.

    Try this i hope this will help you....

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