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    Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    I have turned on the system and during its startup I have pressed F8, nothing happened instead it returned my homescreen. Then I have restarted the machine again and pressed F8 many times, still nothing happened. What should I do now, I need to start my machine in safe mode, how is it possible now?

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    development Array
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    Re: Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    Hello my dear Friend ...

    First of all you need to Press the F8 before the windows 7 Splash Screen

    Then Choose a Windows 7 SAFE MODE option

    After that Wait for windows 7 files to load

    Login with an Administrator Account

    There you can make necessary changes in windows 7 Safe mode

    That is it


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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    Actually you need to press F8 at the very beginning of the start of Windows boot session,
    you may have to press it many times though pressing once is enough but to make things sure multiple press is suggested, but as soon as the power switch is pressed.

    If this does not start windows 7 in safe mode things are not normal and you may have to repair the windows 7.

    Insert Windows 7 installer diskette into optical drive and boot from it.

    Click on Install Now,
    Provide inputs on Language, date and time, keyboard ,
    Select Repair Windows,

    Follow the trail and windows installer will fix problems by removing corrupt files, drivers and repair or freshly install system files and drivers and rewrite registry etc. to make windows fine again.

    remove the disk and boot normally.

    Now try o log in Safe Mode.

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    Re: Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    Hi, friend

    Try this alternate method......... to run the PC in SAFE MODE

    press windows key+R and type msconfig and click OK

    then tap on Boot tab

    then select SAFE BOOT option from under the Boot options Category

    and now click Apply, OK buttons.....and Restart the PC

    and again if you are unable to ... access the SAFE MODE .....simply Restore the windows to Previous restore point ( if you already have restore point )

    after that it will be solved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ams Array
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    Re: Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    hi, friend.

    >> This is mostly done by virus problem..

    >> Any one System file is missing due to virus attack and so your system cant boot .

    >> you have to do one thing if your system desktop contain any important data then you can get it back by,

    >> "hiren bootable Software" this will provide you virtual Winodws xp.

    >> after that you have to format your pc for sure .

    >> but after format before do anything you have to scan your system with best antivirus .

    >> otherwise same problem will occur in short time.

    >> i hope this will helps to you.

    >> all the very best

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    soumya@prince Array
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    Re: Windows 7 System fails to start in Safe Mode.

    Hi aspirant,

    -->>>Steps to get your windows 7 started in safe mode:

    --First go to the windows option at the corner of your desktop.

    --Then select the program option and a vertical bar will pop up.

    --Now scroll to the accessories option and click it once.

    --Then finally click on the command prompt.

    --Then type the command bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal and press enter.

    --Then reboot your system and it will automatically get started with safe mode.

    --If you are getting any satisfactory result then open the run app.

    --Then type msconfig in the text box and press enter.

    --Then go to the boot tab and check box beside the safe bot option.

    --It will forcibly start your system in safe mode.

    ALL THE BEST.....

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