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    Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    After using Windows 7 for an year am getting the message "Windows is not genuine", but I have purchased the genuine Windows 7 from Microsoft. It is okay now, I have followed the prompt then is redirected me to download the WindowsActivationUpdate.exe, which tells me validation failed.

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    Re: Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    Hi Friend,

    >> You are facing the problem of the Windows Not Genuine in Windows 7.

    >> As you have purchased it from Microsoft.

    >> So your Windows 7 System is genuine.

    >> You have just activate the version of Windows 7.

    >> For that Enable Internet in the System.

    >> Then Right click on My Computer and Select Properties.

    >> Now Here Select Activate Windows Option.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    Re: Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    Hello dear Friend

    For this you can Try to follow the below steps to resolve this type of Errors

    >> Make sure to click on the "Start " menu

    >> Then click on the "Search " option

    >> After that you can type a " cmd " and there

    >> It will give you the window and there you must right click on it then Tap on the " Run as Administrator "

    >> Now it will open a Command prompt there you can type " C: User \p SLMGR - REARM

    Finally you will get a message with some message you have to tap on "Enter "

    After restart your computer and It will avoid the Such Genuine Message

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    "Windows is not genuine" the message comes in your windows 7 because your windows is pirated means you have not genuine windows.The windows you have purchased it is not genuine.
    1.If you have purchased genuine Windows 7 then you have to contact where you have purchased windows 7.
    2.You have to activate your windows 7 using crack or activation tools.
    3.Format your windows 7 then install new one.

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    Re: Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"


    For this you need to install License version windows OS..

    Not Pirated windows OS..

    So buy New OS and install it..

    It's available Online also you can buy online..

    And down load and install it...

    After installation Original licensed OS ..

    It will never shows message like it's not genuine..

    So install genuine OS..

    Thank you..

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    Re: Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    Hello Friend ,

    you are having a problem that Windows 7 taskbar prompts "Windows is not genuine"

    you need to activate your windows 7 to remove this message from there .

    Download RemoveWat Software tool . this is freely available .

    Now double click on it .

    Windows start process activation and your system getting restarted ,

    And now after restart your windows will be activated .

    I hope you understand ,

    All the Best

    I hope you will understand ,

    All the Best

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