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    Windows 7 tends to freeze after a reboot

    My laptop is currently running on Windows 7 and it will freeze few minutes after each reboot. I canít find any viruses or malware after scanning with antivirus. How can I resolve this issue?

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    Re: Windows 7 tends to freeze after a reboot

    Perform a clean boot on your system and see whether it solves the issue. For that, first click on the ‘Start’ button and enter msconfig into the search field. Press ‘Enter’ key afterwards so that you will be prompted for administrator password or confirmation. Provide it and click on ‘Continue’ button. Then, press the ‘General’ tab and click on the ‘Selective Startup’ option. You can then find ‘Clear the Load Startup Items’ option along with a check box. Click on that box and then select ‘Services’ tab. Select the check box next to ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ option that appears on the screen and click on ‘Disable All’ option. While clicking on the ‘OK’ option afterwards, you will be prompted for a reboot. Click on the ‘Restart’ button at that time and wait until the desktop become visible on the screen to check for the issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 tends to freeze after a reboot

    May be Due to the your system configuration this problem will be comes.
    The minimum memory of ram for windows 7 is 2GB if not this much memory this problem will occurred. OR
    the anymore apps are installed in your system please uninstall the unusable apps and clean your disk and delete the temporary files and also delete the recent files.
    If not solved then reinstall the windows then your problem will solved.
    Thank you.

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