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    Windows 7 - Win 7 firewall fails Leak Test

    When I ran Leak Test in my PC, I found that it penetrates Windows 7 firewall. Please tell me the adequate steps I need to take to prevent this threat.

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    Re: Windows 7 - Win 7 firewall fails Leak Test


    You have found the correct evaluation by the Leak Test.

    Trust me Windows Applications , Utilities are not the best, they are optimum, advantage is that you are getting everything under one umbrella,and free and tuned finally they somewhat workable.

    You need to install third party softwares which are specialists in their fields to protect your computer, that too a lot extent, as there is no computer on the surface of earth which is fool proof.

    Install Good Third Party Anti- virus, malwarebyte,spyware, Install Third Party Firewall, timely update them and dont explore adventurously.


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