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    Windows 8 displays wrong location on Maps app

    I have upgraded the operating system of my laptop to Windows 8. But, I am having trouble with the Maps app on it. Whenever I access that app, incorrect location is shown under ĎMy Locationí. How can I fix up this issue?

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    Re: Windows 8 displays wrong location on Maps app

    Check whether the ‘Allow apps to use my location’ option is already turned on your laptop. Press the Windows+C key for that and click on the ‘Search’ option in start menu. Click the ‘Settings’ option afterwards and type location into the available field. Choose ‘Allow apps to use my location’ from the available options and enable it. If the issue still persists, then change the regional settings. Repeat the steps taken earlier until typing location into corresponding field. Click on ‘Change location’ option and then change ‘Home location’.

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