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    Windows 8 Laptop not recognizing the connected Wireless Modem.

    I have Dell Inspiron with Windows 8 pre installed. The issue with my laptop is that when I connect wireless modem Tata Photon+ the machine won't recognize it, I have already installed the required software for it but still no results. The same modem works fine on a Windows 7 laptop but on my machine it is not being recognized at all. Please provide any solution in order to make this work.

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    Re: Windows 8 Laptop not recognizing the connected Wireless Modem.

    The possible solution for the unrecognized wireless modem is something like this.

    Click Start,
    Click Control Panel,
    Click System and Security,
    Click Device Manager,
    Click Universal Serial Bus Controller,
    Click Driver, and click UPDATE DRIVER which will guide you through to install latest working USB driver from MICROSOFT for your Windows 8.

    Exit, Reboot, things should be normal.

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