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    Windows 8 Photo viewer is not working

    I have some images in Windows 8. When I tried to view them using Windows 8 Photo viewer, it is not opening the images. I closed and reopened the photo viewer, but could not solve the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me in this problem.

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    Re: Windows 8 Photo viewer is not working

    >>Open the "Applications Activity" section of Kaspersky Intrernet Security. A new window will open.
    >>In the drop-down menu of the left upper corner select the option "All"
    >>In the search box of the right upper corner (the one with the magnifying glass) look for Skydrive, Calendar, Chat or any other not working app.
    >>Some "files" (with *.html extension and some others) will appear. These files will be marked with a red circle and the text "Not reliable" (or something similar) or with a yellow circle and the text "Minimum restriction" (or something similar)
    with the mouse each of these files (one by one) that have appeared in your search and then press secondary button. A new menu will appear with the option "Move to group". Inside this option, you must indicate to the program that you want move the each of these files to the "Reliable" group. Some seconds later, you will see how the red circle changes to green.
    >>Run your app from its Tile. It must work perfectly.

    Thank you.

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