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    Windows 8 Pro upgrade has eaten all the space on my laptop

    On my Acer laptop I had about 80GB of free space before I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. Now after the upgrade I have only 30 GB of space left. I have to downloaded any special apps just the driver and basic apps, does it really take up so much of space?

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    kranthi Array
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    Re: Windows 8 Pro upgrade has eaten all the space on my laptop

    When you want to update your Operating system from windows 7 to windows 8 then you need to check all the required hardware and software settings i.e ram and ROM memories so that you can install that in your acer laptop.
    If you fulfil the conditions then go for a separate disc in order to install windows 8 pro in your acer.
    Make local Disk C as your OS folder and keep it secured.Hardly it consumes 3GB of data if you install the Windows 8 pro in your acer.
    So it can be done only after all the conditions are satisfied.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 8 Pro upgrade has eaten all the space on my laptop

    The responsible reason behind your tention is the UPGRADATION of Windows which installed new Windows 8 over old Windows, in the process as it is designed, created a windows.old folder in which older version Windows data and details are preserved for future reference if anytime you decide to roll back to the earlier version.

    You can recover the space by deleting the windows.old which will not be required if you dont roll back.

    Use the Disk Cleanup utility, from system tools , which stays under Accessories to do it.

    Run Disk cleanup, select system files, add windows.old to be deleted and the jobs done.

    Removing windows.old does not create any hassle otherwise.

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