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    Windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after login

    The windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after doing logging from the logon screen when I did it last night before it was working fine but last night when I logged in there was just a blank screen with the mouse pointer please help.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after login

    it seems after last login, something has gone wrong. Did you surf the net? was there any warning from the antivirus? at all any antivirus installed in your system? the virus can damage your OS and turn the system Dumb
    Check for any virus present in your system.
    Boot with a safe mode.
    After booting successfully, log off and shut the system.
    Again turn on the system and see wheather the damage is permanent or booting is going on smoothly.
    if unsuccessful re install the Windows, but clean the drive from viruses before doing that.
    Thank you.

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    Abhishek Chauhan Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after login


    Friend your windows 8 has not been installed properly.
    Kindly re install it.
    It will work just fine.


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    firefox Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after login



    dear friend,

    There are many reasons behind blank screen problem after login-

    1. Driver issue- Check that the graphics driver you've installed is updated or not. If it is not updated then do it & re-install it after uninstalling the older one.

    2. OS validation- Are you using the genuine Microsoft Windows 8 release preview OS. Check whether you are using the trial version or not. If so then you have to validate your OS. Make it genuine with a proper registration key. because if the trial period is over, most of the OS features got disabled along with the theme-wallpaper. You may also make it genuine using a third party patch. But in that case, you must turn of the auto-update of your OS.

    3. OS installation- If there is some problem in OS installation or it has been damaged then you must repair your OS. Insert the Windows 8 release preview DVD in your drive & run the application. Now choose repair option from the list. Wait till the process get finished. After repairing, restart your computer & check for the problem.

    4. System issue- If there is any problem in your system then you can see the black screen issue. Restore your system before the arrival time of this issue. Hope you've saved a good restore point earlier. Click on the Start button & search for "System restore" - then hit enter. Now follow the steps prompted to restore your system. You may have to provide administrator password for this.

    5. User account control (UAC)- You may try user account control to solve this problem.

    Hope these will help you to solve your problem.

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    Abhi Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview is showing blank screen after login


    It seems that boot sector of your windows 8 got corrupted you need to repair this by inserting the windows 8 installation disk in the dvd drive then restart computer and wait boot from C.D now when after windows load important files a setup screen will appear there you will see a option for repair your computer. just click ot it and choose startup repair..

    If the problem persist then reinstall windows from the same procedure.

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