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    Windows 8 System shuts down when I run “Registry Easy” registry cleaner

    I installed “Registry Easy” registry cleaner in my Windows 8 System. I want to run it in order to remove some temp files and empty the cache. It turned OFF my system when I run it. What caused my System shutting down? What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Windows 8 System shuts down when I run “Registry Easy” registry cleaner


    It seems the external Registry cleaner " Registry Easy" cleaned up the registry more than required.

    The registry entry that was supposed to be there for the Windows to normally boot fails to find the entries, and thus fail to boot.

    This is some kind of an ordeal linked with registry cleaning, which is always a matter of concern in case anything has gone wrong.

    If you have a rescue diskette , use it to rescue the system by providing the lost entries to the Windows registry.Insert the Rescue Disk in the optical drive and select repair and follow the direction.

    In case you dont have rescue diskette then you must opt for a fresh installation i suppose.


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