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    Windows 8 takes more time to Bootup than the other versions

    I installed Windows 8 recently which works fine.I feel happy by using the new release. I have installed two operating system on my system. One is Windows 7 and another is windows 8.Windows 7 takes two or three minutes to Bootup while windows 8 takes more than seven minutes to Bootup. I am not happy with this time Management. I want to overcome this issue. I do not know the problem behind this. Please give me a brief explanation regarding this.Thank you !!!

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    Re: Windows 8 takes more time to Bootup than the other versions

    Usually windows 8 takes only 10 seconds to a minute to Bootup.It does not take seven minutes to Bootup if so then there is a problem with your computer.Go to the Task Manager to check whether there is any startup programs are going on or not.If you found any program like that then remove or stop the program.Then reatsrt the system to check the time of Bootup.If the problem stays on then check the Hard drive.The hard drive might have disk errors.At the time of windows 8 installation,the hard drive could have some errors which will let you to dealyed Bootup.You need to clean the errors using Disk cleanup which will brings down all the errors.Then restart the computer and use it.
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    Re: Windows 8 takes more time to Bootup than the other versions

    When you tried your hand in Windows7 it was fine but now with Windows 8 it is slow, and there are reasons behind that.

    Your system now have more files than before, though Windows 8 is a beta, still it is large enough to give processor a tough time, you are in for a dual boot but have you increased the RAM or HDD for that? Increased RAM helps to load program fast, bigger cache memory helps operations fast and bigger HDD gives Windows oppertunity to create bigger page files to provide fastest possible processing.
    Clean the disk using Disk Cleanup, and defragment the drive.
    Also check the virus ststus and clean if found infected, more for win 7 related files than win 8 files, anyway.

    Thank you.

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