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    Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes

    I have been using Windows 7 for the past few months. For the past few days, I am facing some unusual problem in my system. The time taken for booting up my Windows 7 takes as long as 5 minutes. It is too slow. I don’t know the reason for this issue. Can anybody help to fix this issue??

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes


    Your problem is something that is nagging and disturbing and a number of reasons are responsible for that which i`m going to explain to you for your knowledge.

    Is your system protected by antivirus, anti spam, softwares ? Do you surf the net frequently?

    Did you install some new programs in recent time ?

    Does your system have the adequate RAM for faster processing?

    Do you have a lot of TSR ( Terminate and Stay Resident ) programs installed at startup ?

    Do you clean the drive regularly by deleting temp files, downloads, cookies ?

    those things makes the system slow and taking care of those will definitely speed up your computer.
    Also occationally check diskhealth using scandisk and unfragment files by running defrag that will help.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes

    hi there,
    in order to resolve your problem do the following:

    1. Click Start Menu button and on the Search tab, type in msconfig. A search result will show a program called msconfig. Click on the icon and a window will appear.

    2. On the System Configuration window that appears, go to the Boot tab, check No GUI boot, and click OK.

    3. This method will disable the Windows Logo Screen when booting which saves up seconds from your precious time.

    Now that's how you remove a boot screen and get you quicker to your desktop.

    hope it will work for you...

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    Re: Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes

    Dear friend,

    There can be no exact solution for this problem unless examining your hardware. However, you can try the following tips that will help you to solve your problem:
    1. If the C: drive or the drive on which Windows 7 installed, does not have enough empty space, then this can be the problem. You should clean the system temporary data by typing “%temp%” and “temp” without quote symbol, in a run command box. Select all the files that appear in the Windows open offer typing the command and delete them. Remove the Downloads to another drive.
    2. Your PC is infected with viruses. To remove the boot time viruses, you should schedule a good times can for your PC. Most of the today’s antiviruses have this facility.
    3. Some new Programs on older PC, that starts with booting of Windows might cause slow boot up. If you are using Bluetooth software--BlueSoleil, then this can also be a problem.


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    Re: Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes

    hi, friend ..

    >> this is all about system space and all.

    >> you can solve your issue by this way:

    >> just you have to remove all temp file from your system. that is done by WIN+r and write %temp% and delete all file.

    >> just remove all unwanted software from add/remove program .

    >> after then you have to clear startup program list from C:/user/startup.

    >> it will contain auto start program while system is start.

    >> just do it an you can solve your program.

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the very best

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    Re: Windows Booting takes too long for about 5 minutes

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..............

    1.the Windows 7 may be nor compatible with your system.

    2.Sp you are facing this type of problems.

    3.If that is not your problem then the problem is with the virus.

    4.So you install the best antivirus software and scan your system.

    5.If that is also not your problem then the problem is with the system OS so try to repair them.

    I hope by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    Have a nice day............

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