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    Windows Clipboard is not working in windows 7

    Generally when you copy or cut anything in windows 7, It goes to your clipboard due to which, you are able to paste the copied content anywhere but the same functionality is not working in my computer. When I copy anything, everything looks normal but unable to paste the copied content anywhere. Is there any issue with my computer? What should I do to fix this issue?

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    Re: Windows Clipboard is not working in windows 7

    Dear friend,

    It seems that Windows clipboard is corrupted due to some reason.
    To solve this problem:
    1. You can do system repair with Windows 7 installation disk:
    Put your Windows 7 DVD into your DVD-ROM and restart your PC and press Enter key twice when you are prompted to "Do you want to boot from CD or DVD-ROM drive".
    Follow on-screen instruction to repair Windows.
    2. Choose any of the following Windows clipboard alternatives:
    - ClipX
    - Ditto
    - Accel Clip
    - ClipCube,
    - ArsClip


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