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    Windows DVD Maker not working after an update on HP desktop

    I have done a new windows update on my HP desktop last night. The Windows DVD Maker which was working fine earlier stopped working all of a sudden. I doubt that it is the after effect of the update. How can I overcome this situation?

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    Re: Windows DVD Maker not working after an update on HP desktop

    The latest update disabled or damaged whichever happend the software is not active.

    Usually a couple of methods can bring sanity to the system, one is editing the registry to activate the prgram if at all it was deactivated by the update.
    Another way is to download another latest version software for DVD writer and install that in system.

    Registry edit is a complicated process and involve a definite risk of windows malfunction if not edited properly or in case of a single deletion of entry from registry.

    Insted you can try to install afresh the software to see if it works.
    Go to Start--control panel--programs--the DVD program--uninstall.
    Then, from the DVD manufacturers site download a copy of the writer, and install it afresh. this software without any preset values and without any corruption should work fine.

    Try it.

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