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    Windows explorer stopped working error

    This error just comes up every time in my computer and I have no way to fix this issue. Even if I open the recycle bin I get the error message as “Windows explorer stopped working”. What should be done for this problem? Can you guide me with some fix for the same?

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    Re: Windows explorer stopped working error

    Hi friend............to solve the windows explorer error follow these

    first of all restart the PC and press F8 key while it starting up

    then choose SAFE MODE .....and login with admin account

    after that open the command prompt

    and type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key

    and wait until the completion of process ......after that type Chkdsk and press ENTER key

    then after .......restart the PC with the normal mode and try Again

    if still the problem persists .........then go for the Restore process

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

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    Re: Windows explorer stopped working error

    Hello My Dear Friend ...

    Kindly follow the below steps

    There are so many methods to solve the Problem

    Follow any one of them >..

    <> Scan Disk

    <> File Check

    <> Disable third party services and Tools

    <> Scan the System the Security Software

    <> Updates

    <> Corrupt non system files

    <> Check for Memory problems..


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    Re: Windows explorer stopped working error


    Please Follow these steps to solve this Problem:

    >> Restart your System and when it Start again Hit F8 key

    >> Select Safe mode Option from list

    >> Open System with Administrator Account

    >>Open Run and type cmd and press Ok

    >> It will open Black window with command prompt

    >> Then type sfc/scannow command and hit Enter key

    >> When It completes,type chkdsk command and hit enter key

    >> Then restart System

    All the Best

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    Re: Windows explorer stopped working error

    hi, friend..

    >> you have normal problem that you can solve by simple steps:

    >> just check there is no virus attack in your system.

    >> if any virus enabled site you trying to open then this error will occur.

    >> now you can re install new IE or try with other browser that can definatly solve your problem.

    >> i think your right choice is try for other browser.

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the very best

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