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    Windows explorer stops working whenever I right click

    I have Windows Vista OS installed in my laptop and I am facing problem whenever I try to right-click no matter where I click. I just get the error message as “Windows explorer has stopped working, searching for a solution to the problem” and then the desktop just refreshed. Have anyone faced this problem? Can you tell me how to fix this issue?

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Windows explorer stops working whenever I right click


    i can solve this problem,

    just follow my instructions care fully...

    1.first you have to change your os from windows vista to windows xp.....

    2.because windows vista is not an trusted one..to use with or to work with....

    3.it is the problem because the files which is used to open the windows explorer were corrupted so,

    4.one way to solve this problem is to change your os......to windows xp.


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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Windows explorer stops working whenever I right click

    Hii Friends..

    To solve this problem follow below steps..

    This process is Applicable in windows vista and Win 7 ant Xp also..

    To over come this problem We have to Install one software That is Glary utilities.

    After installation Go to start and type in that search box Glary utilities

    In the glary utilities window click on Optimize and Improve and select context menu manager

    It has the options of some menu items In that problem occuring with context menu

    Then remove the click mark on copypathext and scroll down in directories catogery remove another check mark on copypathext

    Now click close. and also close glary utilities window.

    Now open windows explorer it doesn't show the any errors.

    I hope it will help full you

    Thank you and All the best.

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