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    Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 System restricts me to login

    I tried to login to Windows Live Mail in my Windows 8 System. It is raising an error as cannot be login. I know that the login credentials and correct. I tried to login again and the problem is same. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 System restricts me to login

    Yes here you can find out the solution of your Windows 8 operating system :
    When ever you try to Log in to the Windows Live Mail you have to go with the Correct Log in details of your windows username and password.
    SO after getting entered with the correct log in details then you can have no problem with the Windows mail.
    If that does not work then you should download the windows live application again and register an account for you in the windows live again.
    This could be the best solution for you in the windows 8.

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