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    Windows live missing some buttons

    My PC runs in Windows Vista Home Premium. After installing Windows Live mail, I could not find the send/ receive button in tool bar. How can I customize the tools bar with that buttons?

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    ghanathey swetha Array
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    Re: Windows live missing some buttons

    Follow the below steps:
    Open Windows live Mail > do you have a blue row where Create Mail is ?If yes, right click at an open space of that blue row > click Customize >
    box on the left side, scroll to find Send/Receive > click it > at the middle, click the ADD button > now the send/Receive is in the right side box > click it again, now use the Move Up and Move Down button to place where do you want the Send/Receive to be at > click Close when done.

    Thank you.

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    gauravgpt Array
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    Re: Windows live missing some buttons

    Hello friend..

    firstly youve installed the latter versions of Windows Live Mail, you will notice that there is no Send / Receive button on the menu bar.

    If it will not be available then click the Customize Toolbar options.

    The fact is that the Send / Receive button has been replaced with the Sync button.

    Based on the mode Windows Live Mail is running in, the Sync button shows different options.

    When in Mail mode, it shows, Sync particular email account/s, Sync all email accounts and Sync everything.

    All the Best!!

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