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    Windows Live Movie Maker not working on Windows 7

    If I am trying to start Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 on my win 7 then getting an error c945000e. and with message Movie Maker can't start. Is there any way to recover this issue that affecting or stopping me to use Movie Maker on Windows 7.Using Acer desktop series, Help!!

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    Re: Windows Live Movie Maker not working on Windows 7

    Yes, this kind of error occurring on Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and Windows Movie Maker 2012. You are facing this issue on Windows Live Movie Maker. So, you must know that it uses system video card drivers that sometimes may be affected and can avoid to use it correctly. To avoid this kind of error you have to install latest video card driver version that suits your system.
    So, if drivers that are downloaded from Intel or, NVIDIA official sites not supporting your system then you must go to your computer system manufacturer official link to download latest drivers. As you stated on your queries that you are using Acer desktop series so, you can visit ACER official link http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers

    So, download the latest video card driver on your system and issue will be resolved soon.
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