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    Windows Messenger not going idle

    I have updated the latest version of Windows Messenger. Whatever I did in settings, it is not getting the idle status. Please tell me the proper steps to make it idle.

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    kranthi Array
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    Re: Windows Messenger not going idle

    Yes you can have the following instructions to solve your issue :
    Go to the Windows mobile account that is the Messenger account.
    You can log in to that account using your username and password which you are registered with that before installation in your windows mobile.
    SO after logging in to your account you can have a chat with your friends who are online.
    You must log out of the messenger in order to be idle with your account.

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    Re: Windows Messenger not going idle

    hi friend this kind of problem arises due to third party software which is installed in your system..
    The idle status only seems to appear when you use a third party patching program like A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger. I don't recall any past experiences where idle users actually displayed that way without such a software patch.

    Simply put, 'unpatched' versions of Messenger will always display users as "away", never as "idle".

    there are some applications which constantly using your messenger, this may be the reason behind no going into idle status..

    hope i gave you enough information...

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